2 years Urban pedagogy program

This program adresses to dancers who want to turn their hobby into a career.

It has been developed specially for teaching in dance studios, associations, schools and all institutions offering urban dance classes. The main subjects at school are HipHop, Locking, House and New Style supplemented by Popping, Breakdance and Freestyle.

We focus a thorough and overlapping dance training. Therefore it is important for us that our students broaden their repertoire of movement  and motion by contemporary, ballet and jazz. In addition there are subjects such as pedagogy, dance history and anatomy as well as teaching observations and teaching presentations. Part of the pedagogical training is also preparation of choreographies and assistance at rehearsals and performances.

The 2 years Urban pedagogy program ends with a state recognized qualification.

Start: 11th of March 2019

Yassine Barbouchi

The new pedagogy program will start on 11th of march with the internationally known dancer, choreographer and judge Yassine Barbouchi, member of Stand up Crew and Boogie Style (@yesin_stndup_cr3w). For the new year there are only 20 training slots available. If you are interested please contact us at info@danceemotion.de.
We are looking forward to meeting you!


If interested, please send your letter of application and a dance video to:


Main subjects




New Style

Minor subjects




Supplementary subjects




Theoretical subjects

Pedagogy program

Dance history


Training fees

2 years Urban pedagogy program

1st year of training 12 x € 356- €*

2nd year of training 12 x € 376,- €*


* Monthly fee only with training contract