Passion for the art of dance

That is the exact belief our training program stands for:
To us dance is more than just conveying technique and step-repertoire. Dance as an artform is only possible if the dancer dedicates him- or herself with all senses and emotions. Besides that technique and movementquality play a decisive role. An exceptional talent in these aspects is indispensable for a professional dance career. Therefore you should have passionatly practised at least one style of dance for a long time,  if you consider to apply for our academy.
Considering the contents of our training program, we have set the goal to train versatile dancers who are comftortable with the styles Contemporary/Modern, Jazz and HipHop.
For the styles Contmporary/Modern and Jazz we see the technical fundation in classical ballet.
Nevertheless we want to make clear that our ballet-training is not educating for future ballet-careers. Still we want you to reach a good classical technique level for your stage- as well as our teacher-career.
Besides that we offer lessons in acrobatics, Musical-Jazz, Partnering and singing at our academy.  On the theoretical side we provide lessons in anatomy, dance-history and music theory.
For those who choose the educational branch educational science will be a subject form the seconde year on. This includes theoretical lessons, continuously sitting and watching dance lessons as well as demonstrating a lesson.
Our degree: state-approved Stagedancer and/or state-approved Danceteacher.

Dance Performances



Ivan Korneev
Erika Correa
Vívian Navega
Conny Kaiser


Vívian Navega


Christina Schnock
Bente Weiler
Sophia Barr



Yassine Barbouchi
Manuel Zeller

Teachers of the theoretical subjects

Viktoria Matveeva

Main subjects

Classical Ballet


Choreography / Repertoire

Contemporary / Modern


Choreography / Repertoire



Jazz / Modern-Jazz


Jumps und Turns


Choreography / Repertoire

Minor subjects

Minor subjects


Musical Jazz



Theoretical subjects

Dance history


Dance education

Auditions Stage/ Dance pedagogy

Next Audition for the professional dance education, stage and pedagogy
for the start of training in September 2023:

09/09/2023 1 p.m

Audition or video audition by arrangement!

>> Application form for the entrance exam
More info at +49 761 72524 or

It is possible to audition by video if you are unable to attend one of our dance auditions please audition by video:
Ballet: Plié, Tendus, Jetés, Rond de Jambe and Grand Battement. You do not need to show both sides. We would also like to see a contemporary or jazz combination (1,5 Minutes long) as well as a turn across the floor and a jumping combination.
Please send us the following information with your link: A copy of your CV with your full name, address, date and place of birth, education and dance experience. Plus a motivation letter for the faculty explaining your reasons as to why you want to become a professional dance artist.
If interested, please send us your letter of application and a dance video.

Training Fees

3 years stage program

1st year of training 12 x € 406- €*

2nd year of training 12 x € 426,- €*

3rd year of training 12 x € 446,- €*

3 years dance pedagogy program

1st year of training 12 x € 406,- €*

2nd year of training 12 x € 446,- €*

3rd year of training 12 x € 466,- €*


*Price on a monthly basis and only with a training contract